Methods of Mediocrity

26 May 1984
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Hmmmm. About Me. I like talking about me. I am:

  • A recent film school graduate
  • No longer the owner of my soul, which I bequeathed to NYU
  • A wanna-be writer
  • A lazy bum
  • Desiring to be more motivated
  • Currently obsessed with:

    • Vitamin Water
    • Luna Bars
    • competitive eating
    • David Cross
    • polka dots

  • Originally from Georgia by way of Florida
  • Proud of being a Southerner
  • Politically very moderate...meaning I masturbate on a lot of fence poles
  • A pervert
  • A Christian
  • A bit confused.

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Also, no longer a moderator of, but still a member of, _are_you_a_dork

Nosferatu is Love

13 is Love

Power Rangers are love

Angelina Jolie is love.

Peter Pan is love